Richie Palys

Media Director

My Motivation

Creation is my calling, connection is my motivation. I have the great opportunity to use my hands to create things that connect people with God in a meaningful and lasting way.

My Background

I was raised in Crystal Lake, a town NW of Chicago. I dabbled in many forms of art until college where I decided to fully pursue music. After I received my Master’s in 2015, I married my wife Erika, and worked as a composer for children’s toys. We’ve been attending The Bridge for four years and in 2019, I joined the staff at The Bridge as Media Director.

My Spiritual Journey

My mother became a Christian when I was 6 and raised me with Christian beliefs since then. I never thought I had much of a testimony because I didn’t hit "rock bottom," but my mother did. Her story is what led me to Christ and continues to lead others to Christ as well. Through God’s sovereignty, my testimony is a continuation of an even bigger story.

One More Thing

I like video games.

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Camp Awana

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