Alex & Maddi Salas

Food Service Directors


Alex grew up coming to camp at a very young age. His mom grew up here and passed her passion for camp on to her children. He was a camper and then volunteered his time. Maddi was a camper and also volunteered her time. She and Alex met at camp in 2013 and started dating in June 2014. They were both homeschooled and grew close as they volunteered together. They have been married since May 2019. The Lord has prepared them for this position through 2 years of culinary school, Marine Reserves and working with people.


Alex’s hobbies include fishing, baseball and cooking. Maddi loves baking, cooking and movies.

Their love for cooking, baking and trying new things will bring a whole new meaning to “home cooked meals”. Alex and Maddi are looking forward to seeing how God moves through camp and this new season as Maddi says, “We’re ready for campers, bring it on!”